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Love Your Eye Makeup and Glasses

Wearing glasses can make your eyes look smaller or magnify them, depending on the type of lenses you have. Here are a few tips to help your makeup look fabulous while wearing glasses:

  • Use a good foundation: When wearing glasses, your foundation should be long-lasting and comfortable. Choose a foundation that suits your skin type and color, and apply it evenly to your face. Be sure to blend it well around the nose area to avoid smudging or transferring it to the glasses.

  • Define your eyes: Glasses can make your eyes appear smaller or larger, so it's important to use makeup to define your eyes. Use a good eyeliner to create a dramatic or subtle look, depending on your preference. If your glasses magnify your eyes, use darker eyeshadow shades to create depth.

  • Focus on your brows: Your eyebrows are essential for framing your face and defining your eyes. Make sure your eyebrows are well-groomed, and use a brow pencil or powder to fill them in and create a natural look.

  • Avoid clumpy mascara: Glasses can cast shadows around your eyes, making your lashes look spidery or clumpy. Use a lengthening and separating mascara to avoid this problem and give your lashes a natural and defined look.

  • Choose the suitable eyeglasses: If you buy a new pair of glasses, ensure they complement your face shape and enhance your natural features. The right pair of glasses can make a big difference in how your makeup looks.

Remember, keeping your makeup simple and natural-looking while wearing glasses is vital. Stick to neutral shades that complement your skin tone, and avoid bright or bold colors that can clash with your frames. With some practice and experimentation, you can find the perfect makeup look to go with your glasses.


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