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Why I Do What I Do

February 2019 would forever change my life; in every aspect mental, emotional, physical, and financial. 


Driving home from a business presentation with my company CEO and COO, I received a text message from my husband that simply said HELP.  In a panic, I begin dialing his phone and got no answer.  When he finally could answer, there was only silence and what sounded like gasping.  My husband could not breathe, and I could hear the panic in his voice when he finally whispered help me.  In what seemed like an endless drive home, the array of emotions that I went through was awful.  The love of my life needed me, and I could not be there for him.   After a week-long stay in the hospital, my husband was diagnosed with stage 4 COPD and Emphysema.  He would be forever dependent on breathing treatments, medication, and oxygen.  


It was then that I began to take a hard look at my family’s future.  All the what-ifs played over and over in my mind.  What if I lost him?  How would I carry on?  How could I raise our daughter by myself?  How could I provide for her future?  The list went on.  I knew I had to start preparing for the what-ifs.   While I have always wanted to start my own business, I convinced myself that the only way to have a successful future was the tried and true way of working for someone else.  Yet a burning desire inside kept telling me I should try something new.  I knew that I had to find something that was right for me and that would help provide for my family’s needs. So, my search began, and I started researching various direct marketing companies. I even called in the expertise of friends I had worked with in previous direct sales companies. I had to find the right company with the right vision, mission, and compensation plan to pay me my worth.

I had seen the success other ladies were having in LimeLife, and I saw and experienced the dramatic results of one of LimeLife’s products. But, I convinced myself that I could never do makeup; I was not a makeup artist. I did well getting up and slapping makeup on every day. Whom was I kidding? My skin was a HOT MESS and far from flawless. I was not young and not social media savvy; this would not work for me. But there was something that kept nagging me to give it a try.


One day my dearest friends, who had been using LimeLife products for a while, called me and said, “You are never going to guess what I did.” Of course, my response was, “What did you just do?” That is when she told me she had just signed up with LimeLife the night before. My response was, “You are not going to believe it, but I have been thinking about signing up. I will tell you what; I am going to make this the easiest recruit sign-up you will ever have. Send me your link, and I will sign with you today.”


And that, my friends, is how it all started. I followed my friend.  I can tell you what started as a way to support my family has now become so much more.  I quickly realized there were others out there just like me.  Seeking extra income, friendships, and confidence.  Now I get to spend my days leading an executive team in one of direct marketing fastest growing companies.  Showing others how to feel good about themselves, inside and out.  Helping ladies achieve dreams they never thought possible.  Best of ALL, I get to do it on my time and my terms.

We are not a direct-selling brand that decided to go into beauty. We are, first and foremost, 60 years of expertise in the professional beauty industry. There is a difference. - Michele Gay, Co-founder.


Welcome, my name is Donna DiSalvo.  I was born and raised in Mississippi.  I presently live on the beautiful Mississippi Gulf Coast.  I am married to the love of my life, and we have a beautiful daughter.  


I am that woman who struggled with:

  • Fear of aging

  • I can't have it all

  • Last on the list when it comes to self-care

  • Weight on my shoulders to be everything for everyone

  • Doing it all myself 

  • Keeping it all together

  • Filled with self-doubt

  • My own worst critic

  • Keeping it all together

The secret is out, and if you struggle with these or other things, I feel you.  The struggle is real and never goes away.

TODAY is a new day and I am here to tell you there is so much more 

Ready for the journey?

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